Kanin's Application

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Kanin's Application

Post by Kanin on Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:29 pm

Character Name:

Jobs Leveled 75+:THF (With TH4), PLD, NIN, DRK, SAM, BLM, RDM, COR, DRG

Available Subjobs:All

Merits: Max Crits' EVA, Parry, GK, STR, Elemental magic, tons of random merits here and there and multitudes of job type T2 merits and still building as Aby gives me more

Notable Gear:A few god pieces, full sets Denali and Askar, Trotters, Unger, some Homan, 13 complete Dynamis sets and still growing lol. Never was 1 for HNMLSs so what I got I worked my ass off for just as I would with this group.

Mission Status:

Have you obtained any Celerity/Sojourn Abyssites?:I have both Celerities and 1 Sojurn though I have the item needed to do the 2nd Sojurn.

Have you obtained Lunar Abyssite from the zone bosses? (Atma access): From zone boss no. Just the 1 I purchased from the NPC

Other notable Atma/Abyssite:Ivory avarcice/confluence/kismet, Crimson confluence, Sapphire fortune, and I have 9 Atmas unlocked.

Have you transferred from another server, and if so which and why?: No

Are you a member of any other LS you plan to attend events with?: My social shell does go into Abyssea usually on Fridays and are in extreme low numbers. I'm more there to help out the others.

Previous Linkshells, and why you left them: Musketeer's (Social) Sparkle & Fade (Dynamis) Still active in both.

Do you know anyone in our Linkshell that would recommend you?: Panik, Mpi. There are a few others here that I've met through Abyssea alliances but don't know them well enough yet.

Timezone/Play time:EST My work week is odd as Week 1 I work Mon/Tues, off Wed-Fri,, work Sat/Sun and Week 2 is just the opposite BUT my workday is 7am-7pm which gets me home before events start

Access to Skype/Ventrilo/Teamspeak?: Playing on 360 and Panik and Mpi can get me through chat there.

Have you read and understand our Rules and Guidelines, and are able to make it to event times?: Yes

Anything else you'd like to add: I come with tons of jobs under my belt and alot of years playing this game w/o the elitest shit attitude. So I can suit up to needs of the group. Any other events I do in-game do not fall on these nights either so no overlap. Oh and I'm housebroken so no need to lay out the newspaper. XD


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Re: Kanin's Application

Post by Reyn on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:13 pm

Hey Kanin. ^^

Unfortunately, we're just barely able to fit in the members we do have right now, so at this point we're not accepting any new members. I will keep you in mind if anything opens up, though!

Thanks for applying.


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