Ryuuk's application

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Ryuuk's application

Post by Ryuuk on Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:00 pm

Character Name: Ryuuk

Jobs Leveled 75+: sam, war, drg, thf, blu, blm, whm

Available Subjobs: everything except for: drk, sch, dnc.

Merits: way too much to list them all. my main jobs are SAM, BLU, THF, BLM and those have full merits

Notable Gear: many magian trial weapons, sky/sea/nyzul gear, some AF3 legs, TH4, BLM is buffed (just short of salvage gear)

Mission Status: Sandy Rank10
RoZ/ CoP done >> Last Verse
ToAU done
WotG14: Nation on the Brink fight
ACP done
AMK done
ASA n/a
Bahamut V2 access
Dynamis Tavnazia access

Have you obtained any Celerity/Sojourn Abyssites?: few

Have you obtained Lunar Abyssite from the zone bosses? (Atma access): no

Other notable Atma/Abyssite: no

Have you transferred from another server, and if so which and why?: Nope.

Are you a member of any other LS you plan to attend events with?: I am a member of SuperYellow, limbus LS. I attend limbus with them on Thursdays and Sundays (9 PST)

Previous Linkshells, and why you left them: Currently i have a social LS and a limbus LS. aside from that I have not joined any other event/endgame LSs in a long time.

Do you know anyone in our Linkshell that would recommend you?: To my knowledge, I do not know anyone from this LS. I heard of Corterie LS after seeing Reyn /shout recruiting for members in Jeuno.

Timezone/Play time: PST

Access to Skype/Ventrilo/Teamspeak?: Yes

Have you read and understand our Rules and Guidelines, and are able to make it to event times?: I have read the LS Rules and Guidelines. I'm glad you guys understand that RL comes first and do not make it mandatory for members to show up for all 3 days of events each week. I will not be able to attend on Thursdays due to Limbus, but on Tuesdays and Saturdays, my schedule is completely open when I'm online!

Anything else you'd like to add: I've been playing this game since 2004. Quit and came back many times because I truly <3 this game. I'm a veteran who knows how to play his job and listen to directions. I'm not a dick and I don't like causing drama. Lets all have some fun! =P

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Re: Ryuuk's application

Post by Reyn on Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:29 pm

Hmm, quite a few jobs here we've been lacking and more BLM is always a good thing. I think I've actually seen you a few times doing puddings back when that was the thing to do. We may need you on WHM from time to time, so getting a SCH subjob might be something to work on for your own sanity's sake.

Looks good to me.


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