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Bummage app

Post by bummage on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:21 am

Character Name:

Jobs Leveled 75+:

Available Subjobs:
DRK DNC WAR BLM, but gimped atm. lvl cap was still 75 back when I stopped playing


Notable Gear:
Not rly sure what counts as notable but I always carry 6 gear sets around with me.

Mission Status:
RotZ, CoP, ToAU finished.

Have you obtained any Celerity/Sojourn Abyssites?:
Not yet

Have you obtained Lunar Abyssite from the zone bosses? (Atma access):

Other notable Atma/Abyssite:

Have you transferred from another server, and if so which and why?:

Are you a member of any other LS you plan to attend events with?:
Not right now, prolly won't get another

Previous Linkshells, and why you left them:
Trinova/TheCalm/Solstice/1 more forgot name.
LS broke/Too much faf spam/Too much failnamis spam/leader peaced LS broke

Do you know anyone in our Linkshell that would recommend you?:
Julianne, Casey + prolly more but idk who is all in

Timezone/Play time:
PST. Either 9AM-Noon or 4-5PM till 10pm. Pretty much whenever an event is going on or friend needs something I can be available (except middle of night )

Access to Skype/Ventrilo/Teamspeak?:
TS access, vent sux but I unwillingly have it installed

Have you read and understand our Rules and Guidelines, and are able to make it to event times?:

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Re: Bummage app

Post by Reyn on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:25 am

Enjoyed having you with us tonight. Accepted.

Our first event is Tuesday at 7 PM CT. Gather in Port Jeuno and I'll get you pearled then. In the mean time, be sure to put up a wishlist for yourself in the appropriate section.

Welcome aboard!


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